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What is crime against nature?

Simple: It’s people living very natural, very normal lives that transcend other people’s understanding of nature.  Mostly, this blog will discuss LGBT* issues, with an emphasis on T issues and equality.

About the Clownfish

The Clownfish is a sequential hermaphrodite.  Without changing DNA, any given Clownfish can become a male or a female clownfish, either producing eggs or fertilizing that egg, based on social status in the group.  Basically, they start life as males, and the biggest, most dominent Clownfish male becomes a female, if there is not currently a female in the group.  When the female dies, one of the males will take her role and become female.  This animal was selected for this blog’s header because it does this unnatural – perhaps “crime against nature” – act.  It changes sex from male to female. Most of the so-called crimes-against-nature appeals deal with things that are very normal and happen commonly in nature – like the clownfish transitioning from male to female.

About the Author

Am I a member of the LGBT community? I believe my words can be judged and can stand on that basis alone, but, yes, I am part of the “B” of LGBT. I do believe that you can’t control love, and so long as that love isn’t harming anyone (what love would?), there’s nothing wrong with love.  Another key principle of this blog is simple: I don’t have the right to tell you who you are.  Nobody else does either.

I’m a guy, married to a wonderful woman in a respectful marriage where we both value each other.  We work together, not because one of us is superior to the other, but because – get this – we love each other!  So in that sense, it’s a bit non-traditional (since traditional marriage too often means that the man is in charge).

I’m also disabled, and proud to be part of my autistic community.  I’m not overcoming or bravely struggling – I’m happy to be who I am, and have learned to live as everyone should: happy in their skin and mind.  Of course that means I do some things differently, so I beg pardon if my communication is not as clear as it should always be to a non-autistic reader!  I encourage a reader to find out more about autistic adults by reading blogs and sites by us, not about us.

I also believe very strongly in my faith (Christianity), and am very sad to watch how politics has perverted a message of love into a message of exclusion and hate.  God doesn’t hate gays.  Or gay behavior.  Or gay sex.  He might hate the right-wing God-Industrial Complex and the organized religion of the type that Focus on the Family is famous for – go read about how he turned over tables in the temple when people erected barriers between people and God.

Some Ground Rules

The rules on this blog are simple:

  • Attacking people (not ideas) is not okay.  Even if it’s someone saying something particularly repulsive.
  • Anti-gay, anti-trans, anti-woman, anti-disabled, etc, stuff is not allowed.  Please don’t think I’m limiting this to just these named categories – I’m not.  If you are going to rail against republicans or Christians or whatever else, please limit your comments to their actions and words, not their humanity or worth.
  • Questioning someone’s personal identity is not cool.
  • If you want to advertise something, buy ads from Google.  I’m not your ad agency.  I will block spammy comments.  That said, if a URL or product reference is actually relevant to the conversation, I’ll probably let it through.  Blog and similar links in your profile are fine – so long as you make comments beyond “this site is great” so that you are actually contributing to the conversation.
  • That said, I’ll generally respect free speech

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  1. Hello! I stumbled across this blog while searching genderqueer stuff on the internet. I identify as pansexual and non binary, and I am Episcopalian and bipolar. It’s so nice to see another Christian trans* ally. Your writing style is both easy to read and engaging. Your thoughts are an encouragement to me. I look forward to reading more of your work.

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