What a “Pro-Life” Vote Requires

Americans, vote pro-life in 2016. I’m proudly pro-life (but not in the way you think) – I believe you should:

  • Vote against the death penalty.
  • Vote against war.
  • Vote against expanding the military-industrial complex.
  • Vote against militarization of our police
  • Vote for comprehensive health care for all
  • Vote for safety net social services.
  • Vote for gun control
  • Vote for intelligent, nuanced foreign policy
  • Vote for policies that help remediate institutionalized racism

Oh, you thought I was telling you to vote against abortion? Well, yes, you should do that too – I’d say:

  • Vote for comprehensive sex education
  • Vote for the rights of all capable parents to adopt (including gays)
  • Vote for widespread, easy, affordable birth control
  • Vote for access to emergency contraception
  • Vote for affordable and available child care for working parents
  • Vote for comprehensive prenatal care
  • Vote for parental leave
  • Vote for financial supports to allow a parent to remain at home if they desire

There is a political party that opposes everything pro-life. I wouldn’t vote for them.