Why I’m Annoyed at the Right Wing

I grew up conservative, and I still believe in personal freedom and for government to know where they money is coming from when they create our budgets.

But the right wing in America seems to have lost track of these core values of conservatism. Here’s what I mean:

  • They support small government. That means government should stay out of things like the environment and banking regulation (things that impact innocent people if big corporations get them wrong), but should be intimately involved – literally – in people’s personal lives. Do you have anal or oral sex? Are you gay? Etc – even when no innocent parties are hurt (or, indeed, impacted at all) by these actions. Doesn’t sound like small government.
  • They want to promote wealth, because wealth building in turn promotes job creation through investment. But the biggest wealth-creating institution – marriage – in the US should be closed off to 10% of the population, according to these “conservatives.”
  • They claim that too much money is spent on social programs. Yet, when you say, “We can eliminate over 50% of spending in one set of social programs,” they don’t want to do that! Why? Because they don’t want to use effective programs to prevent unwanted pregnancy, like government funded birth control (which pays for itself many times over in social spending savings). They can’t stomach the idea of sex without life-devestating consequences.
  • Likewise, they claim to be pro-life, while being pro-death-penalty, restricting access to social safety nets, and, most significantly, restricting access to comprehensive sex education and birth control – two things that are directly linked to reduced abortions.
  • They believe in religious freedom, except when it comes to religions that want to do something they don’t like. Like marrying gays.

Seriously, if there is one thing I can’t stand, it’s hypocrites. And there seems to be plenty of them in the right wing today.